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The Alcor model forms a T-shaped structure made out of two rectangles. The feet in massive oak and the lampshade made of paper. With its two lightbulbs, it provides a bright light on the surface on which it is placed, while not allowing much light to shine upwards to create a cosy ambience in the room where it is placed. Ideal for a desk.

Dimensions : H x L x P = 34.5 x 40.8 x 17 cm


In solid oak, oil-treated (with natural components).

Lampshade 100% paper (350g/m²)

Gold-coloured electric cable.Suitable for any E27 LED bulb.

Alcor Paper

  • Care advice

    Dust with a feather duster. No special maintenance required.

  • Lighting advice

    This lamp is equipped with two E27 sockets. Make sure to place two LED bulbs of the same intensity for optimal lighting.

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