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I design and manufacture authentic lighting fixtures. Inspired by Art Nouveau, Art Deco and other twentieth century art movements, my creations are in line with these trends while favouring resolutely contemporary forms. They oscillate between past and present. This gives them a timeless character. Spreading a soft and warm light, my lamps will dress your interiors with discretion and elegance. 

As a cabinetmaker firmly committed to ecology, I use a noble, local and renewable material. Coming from reclaimed furniture or scraps, upcycling it and giving it a new life. I also use new oak from sustainably managed European forests. This ethical choice involves demanding and meticulous know-how that ensures the strength and durability of my creations.

N.B.: Oak from reclaimed furniture is carefully sorted and planed. After processing, it has the same appearance and quality level as new wood. With an extra touch of authenticity

And here is an article that was published in "Le Vif Weekend" on the 3rd of December 2020. It partly explains my career path.
Thanks to "Le Vif". Only in french :)

article le vif weekend 03-12-2020 (web).
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